www.wc-webtv.com     Waynesboro, Mississippi
Wayne County WebTV was developed as a way to make high definition programming
globally available for viewing on a wide variety of devices from smartphones to big
screen hi-def events and sports. You no longer have to wait for this programming to
be broadcast at a certain time, you are free to choose when, where, and how to view
your favorite local events. Video and photography is also provided by Hummingbird
Media to further enhance your experience. We are open to any and all suggestions!
Wayne County’s Domain for
Local Sports, Information and Entertainment

Welcome to WC-WebTV

This is Wayne County’s domain for local sports, information and entertainment.

Our Past:

Simply Stated, Wayne County High School War Eagle Football.  

Last year, our inaugural season, has proven to be a great success with over 4,300 views of interviews and games
presented, ON DEMAND, on the world wide web.

We want to thank, and we encourage you to do so as well, all of our sponsors who make our productions possible
for you to enjoy at your time and at your pace.  WC-WebTV is ready when you are.

Our Present:

We are beginning our second year, and once again Wayne County War Eagle Football will be our focus.  Even
though we have the same focus this year, we are expanding our efforts.  This year WC-WebTV will be producing not
only our ON DEMAND replays of all the War Eagle Games for the 2014 season, but the live broadcasts of War
Eagle Football action every Friday night on WABO Radio in Waynesboro.  The live broadcasts can be heard on your
FM Dial at 105.5 or you can click on our WABO link here and listen to the games streamed live on the internet.

We area grateful for our association with the Wayne County School District and the liberties afforded us at WC-
WebTV to serve the School District and all of  Wayne County in our endeavors.  

Our Future:

As we progress here at WC-WebTV our plans are to expand our programming efforts in the months to come.  
Programming that we are considering ranges from locally produced programs with a focus on School Activities and
local news items.  If you have ideas please feel free to contact us and let us know.  Who knows, your idea just
might be the “NEXT BIG THING!”
Contact us:

Marshall Wood
Ken Roberts
Rebecca Caldwell